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Inground Pools

Design Construction

Custom Pools isn't just family-owned and operated, we're family-oriented. We count it as a reward to see satisfied customers. To this end, we're eager to share the expertise and knowledge we've accumulated over the past 40-plus years of building quality in-ground pools for the sake of your happiness.

At Custom Pools, we have always put weight in the value of savvy, time-honored advice. If you are interested in finding out if the addition of a pool is right for your home, just give us a quick call, or send us an email. We will be delighted to send one of our representatives to meet with you personally and answer your questions in detail. During the simple consultation, we will explain each part of the process in terms that make sense, and will allow you to decide which options are right for you. Factors such as construction, deck choice, equipment choice, and vinyl liner options will be presented for your consideration. And if you're not ready to decide, be assured that our representative is concerned with one goal above all others: your comfort and your tastes. Our name is Custom Pools for good reason.


At Custom Pools, we recognize that while your pool is a significant investment and the focal point of your yard, it remains framed by the area surrounding it. Our designers and sales representatives are knowledgeable in the art of landscaping, and will make expert recommendations to ensure that your pool is the right fit, spacially and visually. In presenting our recommendations, we will consider factors such as existing flora, ease of use, serviceability, and overall aesthetic appeal.

And don't forget that Custom Pools is your trusted resource for full-featured, reliable decks. Give us a call or visit our Decks page to find out more.

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